A juicy brand for my blog

Time for a new look! I found I was getting so bored with seeing the uber-blah word “Blog” on my website, I’ve created a fresh new brand specifically for my blog. Welcome to the Creative Juice Chronicles! Yes, it abbreviates to “CJC” and I’m sure you can “C” what I did there.

I have created a Photoshop template with my new brand logo on an image, so that I can upload branded images to all of these posts going forward. This is where marketing and graphic design experience come in handy for an author! You’ll see in the image above that my WordPress site requires a letterbox-shaped image to work with this blog. Okay, fine.

Then I had to make template for Insta (square) that will also have the post’s title within it each time, as Insta doesn’t pull that in. And it sucks that Facebook is a different format again, and when FB pulls in my blog tile image along with the link, it doesn’t format right because of its letterbox shape. Argh! I’ll have to replace the image each time on Facebook.

Yes, these are the graphic-design trials of a new author trying to market themselves ahead of a book launch. But it’s all exciting stuff that I’m so glad to be doing – it means stuff is actually happening in my author career, which is much better than the alternative.

That’s it for now – look out for the first blog post proper under my new CJC brand!